SpeakOut! WordPress petition demo

I appreciate this plugin. It just might change history


For a standard petition, simply insert the shortcode with the appropriate petition ID –  [emailpetition id="1"] produces this:

We love SpeakOut! WordPress petition plugin!

Dear politician

This is the message that is sent to someone e.g. the mayor. It could be anything you like and there is an option to either lock it or allow senders to edit.

The message is set up in SpeakOut! > petitions > edit in your WordPress dashboard. SpeakOut! features include:

a limited feature free version or a full featured Pro version
support for HTML editor so that the message can be formatted as an unordered list (like this), with <em>italics</em> or <strong>bold</strong> text, colours or a heading, like above
optional Markdown editor
many phrases are customisable by admin - optional confirmation of signatures
several web hooks for your custom code
optional privacy to only display first letter of surname
optional more privacy allows signers to choose to remain publicly anonymous
optional BCC message to signer - optionally display and include address fields in the message
nine additional optional custom fields including one drop-down and 4 checkboxes
optional newsletter sign up including to 3rd party e.g. MailChimp
set a goal for signatures and display a progress bar
set an expiration date
duplicate a petition with one click
redirect to URL after successful signing
shortcode to display a list of signatures
shortcode to display signature count
shortcode to display signature goal
shortcode to display petition message
multiple languages
plus great support through the plugin site on WordPress.com

%%your signature%%

This is the optional footer that is configurable for each petition
426 signatures = 85% of goal

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All the data shown on this page is live from this demo petition.

Want to promote your petition on another page?  You can use shortcodes. For example Please sign our petition, our target is [signaturegoal id="1"], we have [signaturecount id="1"] so far. becomes

Please sign our petition, our target is 500, we have 426 so far.

The petitions on this site have a total of 478 ( [signaturestotal] ) signatures – this is a Pro Version feature.

You can display a list of signatures – names may repeat, but the email addresses are unique [signaturelist id="1"]  There are options to display as a table (below) or as a list e.g. Robert A., Judy B.,  and the full surname can be displayed if preferred.

The number of signatures displayed per page is customisable.

Latest Signatures
Aland Islands 
Ms. Md. Aman U.
Central African Republic 
Ms. Phillip C.
United States 
Ms. Dim D.

You can include multiple petitions on a page  – though be careful it might become confusing – notice that this one is set to not collect address data.  And using custom CSS you can make it as ugly as you like :o)

A completely different petition

Yeah, you can do that...

%%your signature%%

16 signatures

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Perhaps you just want to display the petition title e.g. Sign our petition: [petitiontitle id="1"] becomes

Sign our petition: We love SpeakOut! WordPress petition plugin! 

To display the petition message independently of the petition on your page, use  [petitionmessage id="1"]

You can also have a list of petitions that go to a single page but load a different petition on that page – try re-loading this page but with a different petition: https://speakoutpetitions.com/speakout-demo/?petition=8.  You can jump back to the original petition via this link https://speakoutpetitions.com/speakout-demo/?petition=1

The width can be changed in the shortcode [emailpetition id="1" width="100%"] and a petition can be centred like this [emailpetition id="1" class="aligncenter"] – see all the options on the advanced settings page

For more information on signature styling, see the FAQ