The SpeakOut! Petition WordPress plugin allows you to easily create WordPress petition forms and send a petition from WordPress.

Your plugin is great! We used it to protest the Swedish government to better protect our rivers. 8000 signatures was an amazing result for us and we’re planning to run a new petition soon. Thanks again!


There is a free version of the SpeakOut! WordPress petition plugin that I hope is useful for campaigns with the usual lack of funds. There is also a reasonably priced Pro version where all features are enabled.

When visitors to your site submit the petition form, a copy of your message will be sent to the email address you specified e.g. your mayor. The petition message will be signed with the contact information provided by the form submitter. After signing the petition, visitors will have the option of sharing your petition page by email or with their followers on Facebook or X. Signers can also optionally be added to various email platforms e.g. Mailchimp.

SpeakOut! is an integral part of our website and has given a voice to public land users in Arizona. We have shaped policy, stopped legislation, and swayed opinions with this plugin after sending tens of thousands of emails. Thank you.


You may set a goal for the number of signatures you hope to collect and then watch as a progress bar tracks your petition’s advance toward it’s goal. Petitions may also be configured to stop accepting new signatures on a specified date. Signatures are stored in the WordPress database and can be easily exported to CSV format for further analysis. There are many more features, many are unlocked with the Pro Version

Your petition software is great – I cannot tell you how much it has annoyed City Hall! Haha! We couldn’t do it without your plugin!


Latest versions: Free – :: Pro – 105.2.2

This plugin is a fork of the speakup plugin by Kreg Wallace that was quite good but was abandoned many years ago.