Can I style the signature list?

In version 2.3.1 an additional inline-block structure was added. This allows for more flexibility but some knowledge of CSS is needed. You can choose this in

dashboard > SpeakOut! > settings > signatures tab

Here are a few sample CSS code blocks that you can insert into your theme’s Custom CSS settings.

Remove the border, have signatures flow and add a | (pipe symbol) between them:

.dk-speakout-signaturelist {
font-size: .8em;
.dk-speakout-signaturelist:: after {

content:" | ";

Change the number of columns – this will always need a little bit of experimentation on your part. For example, creating 3 columns using 33.3% may not work, try 32% or 31%…keep tweaking. Same for 2 columns, instead of 50% try 49.5% or 49%.

.dk-speakout-signaturelist {

Of course, you can still choose to display signatures in a standard table or the run-on list of signatures if you prefer.