Can I add a custom field?

You can add up to 9 custom fields.

Four are text fields, one is a drop-down and four are checkboxes – see more info below.

Apart from the checkboxes, the field contents are included at the bottom of the petition email sent to your target by default, however when setting them up you can choose to not have them included.

Go to dashboard > SpeakOut! > petitions > edit > display petition options tab and click one of the Display custom field n checkboxes to reveal some option fields including the field label, placeholder text whether it is sent with the petition and whether or not to make it required.

Custom fields 1 – 4 are standard text fields.

Custom field 5 is a drop-down field. Options can be added in the dashboard values field by separating each value with a | character e.g. one|two|three|something|else

Custom checkboxes 1 – 4 are not included in the petition. They are intended for you to collect info e.g. I would like to volunteer or I am a regular visitor to this place etc. For any info you want to include with the petition to the target, use one of the other custom fields.

See also Truncating custom fields