Privacy Policy

If you upgrade to the Pro version of SpeakOut! data will be collected to process your purchase.

The data includes your name, address, email address, site URL and server IP address. Other data may be collected by PayPal. Data will not used for any other purpose than to provide you with the Pro version of SpeakOut! plugin. This includes providing your data to any other organisation unless it is subject to a government warrant, against which we will push back. Steve, the maintainer of SpeakOut! is a long time anti-spam activist.

The data related to licenses and your purchase are stored on a server in Australia. WooCommerce is used as the shopping cart platform, they state (the website) is generally not sharing information about your customers with WooCommerce.comread more

Your data can be deleted on request, however if that happens, it may cause your SpeakOut! plugin to revert to the free version.

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