Why a Pro version?

There will always be a 100% free and useful version of SpeakOut!

Unfortunately donations were very rare and therefore I didn’t spend as much time on the plugin as it deserves and I would have liked to.

Since July 2022 there is a Pro version of the plugin, this will obligate me to continue to work on SpeakOut!. If you have donated in the past, no matter how big or small, please request a free license key – contact me with the date and amount

The Pro version includes all features, this is not the complete list of limitations:

3rd party integration
Custom fields1 text9 including a drop
down and checkboxes
Allow message to be edited
Redirect after successful sign
Set expiration date
Display custom message
Signature list styling
Country flags in list
Google recaptcha

Licenses will only work on a single site. I understand that some organisations have campaigns in multiple countries and may have more than one site. Contact me, if I am sympathetic to your cause I will probably give you free extra licenses like I did for Amnesty.org